Develop SQL applications using the WCF Channel Model

You can use the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) channel model to consume the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server by sending XML messages directly over a channel instance created with the SQL Server Binding.

One advantage of using the WCF channel model over using the strongly-typed classes and methods that the WCF service model exposes is that the channel model provides more fine-grained control over the operations that you perform on the SQL database. This control comes from the fact that in the WCF channel model, you directly control the contents of the messages that you send over the channel.

In certain scenarios, this extra level of control can be beneficial. For example, when you use the WCF channel model to perform an Update operation on a table, you can selectively update columns in the target rows by omitting columns from the update template that you pass in the message. The only columns that are required are those with “nillable=false” in the WSDL. The update method exposed by a WCF client uses a strongly-typed record parameter for the template that includes every column in the table schema.

The sections in this topic explain how to perform operations on the SQL adapter by using the WCF channel model.

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