Adapter Property Page Keyboard Shortcuts

As in any standard Microsoft Windows application, you can use keyboard shortcuts in the adapter property pages to access commands that are otherwise available by using menus. The following table describes the available keyboard shortcuts.


You must type comma-separated key combinations. For example, "CTRL+I, CTRL+R" means that you must first type CTRL+I, and then you must type CTRL+R. A key combination such as "ALT+Z, I, F" means that you must first type ALT+Z, but then can type "I" and "F" without holding down the ALT key.

Action Keyboard shortcut
Navigate onto the property grid, and through the dialog box buttons. -or- After you are in the property grid, and after using the arrow buttons to navigate to the appropriate property value, use the TAB key to edit the property value. If the property value has an ellipsis (...) button or a drop-down menu, use F4 instead. TAB
Navigate through the property fields in the property grid. Arrow keys
Nullify an optional string value from the property name field. Fn, N -or- SHIFT + F10, N
Edit a property value that has an ellipsis (...) button or drop-down box; all others use the TAB key. F4
Save the changes to the property value that you edited. ENTER
Close pop-up menus. ESC

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