Additional Flat File Properties

Hidden properties

The following table lists additional flat file node properties that do not appear in the Schema Editor. Using these properties requires hand editing the schema file in a text editor.

Property Values Default Value Description
suppress_empty_nodes true or false false Indicates whether or not to remove empty XML nodes after the parser generates XML instance data.
generate_empty_nodes true or false true Generate empty nodes for records that exist in the XML instance data.
parser_optimization speed or complexity speed Optimizing for speed decreases the parsing time but at the cost of dealing with some ambiguities in data. Optimizing for complexity handles a wider range of ambiguities but at the cost of processing speed.
lookahead_depth Any positive integer; zero (0) indicates infinite lookahead. 3 How far to look ahead for matching data.
allow_early_termination true or false false Indicates whether positional records can terminate early (true) or must contain data for all record fields (false).
early_terminate_optional_fields true or false false Enable early termination of optional trailing fields (true). If the existing schema without this annotation is opened in the BizTalk Editor, this annotation will be added to it with the default value set to (false). Note: The early_terminate_optional_fields annotation only takes effect if the allow_early_termination is set to "true".

All of these properties are attributes of the /annotation/appinfo/schemaInfo element.

When parser_optimization is set to complexity, you may have validation failures against a schema when there are many optional nodes in the same group or record. You may need to set lookahead_depth to zero (0) to avoid validation errors.

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