BTSWebSvcPub Command-Line Reference

This topic provides reference information for the BTSWebSvcPub command-line tool included with BizTalk Server. You can use BTSWebSvcPub to create Web services (.asmx) for publishing orchestrations through Web services as follows:


BTSWebSvcPub PathName [-Location: value ] [-Overwrite] [-Anonymous]

[-Name: value ] [-Namespace: value ] [-TargetNamespace: value ]

[-UnknownHeaders[ + | - ]] [-SingleSignOn[ + | - ]] [-ParameterStyle: value ]

[-ConformanceClaims: value ] [-ForceRequestResponse: value ] [-ReceiveLocation]

[-ApplicationName: value ]


Parameter Required Description
PathName Yes Path and file name of BizTalk assembly (*.dll) or web service description (*.xml) file.
-Location No Location in which to publish. (Syntax:"http://host[:port]/path")
-Overwrite No Overwrite specified location.
-Anonymous No Allow anonymous access to Web service.
-Name No Name of the solution and assembly (.sln and .dll files) that will contain the Web service.
-Namespace No Default namespace for Web service code.
-Targetnamespace No Target namespace of the Web service. (Example:'')
-UnknownHeaders No Support unknown SOAP headers.
-SinglesSignon No Support SharePoint Portal Server Single Sign-On SOAP headers.
-ParameterStyle No The SoapParameterStyle for messages: "Default", "Bare",or "Wrapped".
-ConfirmanceClaims No Web services interoperability (WSI) claim: "None" or"BasicProfile1_1".
-ForceRequestResponse No Expose one-way BizTalk operations as request-response web methods.
-ReceiveLocation No Create receive locations in the specified BizTalk application.
-ApplicationName No Name of the BizTalk application in which to create receive locations. If not specified, the default BizTalk application is used.


BTSWebSvcPub.exe "MyAssembly.dll" -Location:http://localhost/MyVdir



Parameter names are not case sensitive and may be abbreviated. Parameter values are case sensitive.

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