Common Administrative Tasks

The following table provides links to topics useful for deploying and maintaining BizTalk Server system.


Along with having administrative access privileges to BizTalk Server, you must be an administrator on your local machine also.

Administering BizTalk Server

- Using the BizTalk Server Administration Console
- Managing BAM
- Implementing Enterprise Single Sign-On
- Backing Up and Restoring the BizTalk Server Databases
- Checklist: Back Up and Restore BizTalk Server Databases
- Checklist: Archiving and Purging the BizTalk Tracking Database

Deploying Applications

- Understanding BizTalk Application Deployment and Management
- Checklist: Deploy a BizTalk Application
- Checklist: Undeploy a BizTalk Application
- Checklist: Update the Artifacts in a BizTalk Application
- Walkthrough: Deploying a Basic BizTalk Application
Deploying Solutions

- Deploying the Service Oriented Solution
- Developer Machine Setup for the Business Process Management Solution

Planning and Architecture

- Secure and protect your data
- Planning for High Availability
- Tracking Database Sizing Guidelines

Other Resources

- Getting BizTalk Server Assistance
- Community Resources