Configuring Envelopes (X12-Interchange Settings)

X12 interchange envelope generation settings define how BizTalk Server generates the envelope of an X12-encoded interchange to be sent to the receiving party. In this section, you define how BizTalk Server generates the ISA segment for an X12-encoded interchange that it sends to the party. An ISA segment is the interchange control header for an X12-encoded interchange.


For the BizTalk Server runtime, the length of alphanumeric ISA fields is fixed. However, for the Trading Partner Management​ user interface, you may enter a single character for an alphanumeric ISA field. BizTalk Server will pad these fields with trailing space characters to ensure compliance with standards requirements.


The settings described here also apply to HIPAA interchange envelope generation.


All the properties are disabled on this page if you cleared the Local BizTalk processes messages received by the party or supports sending messages from this party check box while creating the party for which you are creating the agreement.

The properties are disabled only on the one-way agreement tab that corresponds to the properties for interchanges being sent from the party. For example, if you create two parties Party A and Party B and for Party A, you cleared the check box, the above list of properties are disabled on the Party A->Party B one-way agreement tab.


You must be logged on as a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators or BizTalk Server B2B Operators group.

To define the envelope

  1. Create an X12 encoding agreement as described in Configuring General Settings (X12). To update an existing agreement, right-click the agreement in the Parties and Business Profiles page, and click Properties.

  2. On a one-way agreement tab, under Interchange Settings section, click Envelopes.

  3. Under ISA11 usage, keep Standard identifier selected to specify a standard identifier instead of a repetition separator, and then select a value for the standard identifier from the drop-down list. Select Repetition separator to specify a repetition separator instead of a standard identifier, and then enter a single character for the repetition separator. The repetition separator, which is used to separate segments that repeat within a transaction set, is limited to the values in the ASCII character set.

  4. For Control version number (ISA12), select the version of the X12 standard to be used by BizTalk Server for generating an outgoing interchange.

  5. For Usage indicator (ISA15), select to indicate whether an interchange generated by BizTalk Server is information, production data, or test data.

  6. Click Apply to accept the changes before continuing with the configuration, or click OK to validate the changes and then close the dialog box.

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