Configuring Receiver MDN Settings

As part of receiver MDN settings, you can specify the properties that govern MDN generation based on the AS2 message header.


No properties are disabled on Party A->Party B one-way agreement tab if you cleared the Local BizTalk processes messages received by the party or supports sending messages from this party check box for Party A. However, all the properties are disabled on the same page in the Party B->Party A tab if you selected the check box while creating Party A.


You must be logged on as a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators or BizTalk Server B2B Operators group.

To configure receiver MDN settings

  1. Create an AS2 agreement as described in Configuring General Settings (AS2). To update an existing AS2 agreement, right-click the agreement in the Parties and Business Profiles page, and click Properties.

  2. On a one-way agreement tab, under Local Host Settings section, click Receiver MDN Settings.

  3. If you did not check the Use agreement settings for validation and MDN instead of message header property in the Validations page, you can choose to have the party sending the MDN, sign the MDN if generation of the MDN is enabled by the Disposition-Notification-to AS2 header, but the Disposition-Notification-Options header does not enable signing. This can occur if Disposition-Notification-Options is either not set or is set to optional. You can do so by clicking Sign requested MDN if Disposition-Notification-Option header is not preset or if Signed-Receipt-Protocol header is set to optional.

  4. You can enter a text in the MDN Text field to have the party sending the MDN add it to the MDN message (under the Content-Description field). This setting is applicable irrespective of whether the MDN was generated based upon the AS2 headers or the agreement properties.

  5. Click Apply to accept the changes before continuing with the configuration, or click OK to validate the changes and then close the dialog box.

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