Developer Machine Setup for the Business Process Management Solution

The Business Process Management (BPM) solution shows one way to construct a process manager in a BizTalk application. The solution uses a component to select and control the sequence of stages in order processing. The solution takes an order—which may be for new service, an upgrade, or termination of service—logs it, and acknowledges the order before passing it on for processing. The processing consists of one or more stages that handle the order. Finally, the solution returns a response to the original order request.

As a developer, you first get the scenario running on a single computer. After testing functionalities on the single computer, you will discuss how to deploy the solution on production servers with IT professionals. You need to help them to design the system architecture to satisfy service requirements such as high availability, better performance, and easier maintenance. You will then prepare resources for production deployment based on the design.

This deployment guide describes how to install and test the business process management solution on a single computer.

For more information about the business process management solution, see Understanding the Business Process Management Solution.

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