Generate an XSD schema for JSON message


This tutorial applies to BizTalk Server only.

In this solution, a BizTalk Server application receives a JSON message. Before the application can process the message, it must be converted to an XSD schema. To do so, BizTalk Server provides a JSON Schema Wizard that creates an XSD schema from a JSON message.

  1. In Visual Studio, create a new BizTalk Server project.

  2. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the project name > Add > New Item > JSON Schema Wizard. Provide a name for the schema (PO.xsd), and then click Add.

  3. In the JSON Schema Wizard, on the welcome page, click Next.

  4. In the JSON Schema Information page, provide the location of the JSON purchase order file that is sent to the BizTalk Server application. Provide a root node name, a target namespace, and then click Finish.

    Generated XSD schema for JSON

  5. A schema with the specified name is added to the BizTalk Server project. The generated schema file (PO.xsd) is also provided with the sample.

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