How to Add Adapter Metadata to a BizTalk Project

The Add Adapter Metadata Wizard enables you to add adapter metadata to a BizTalk project. This data includes schemas, message types, and port types needed to communicate with an adapter from an orchestration. Use the Add Adapter Metadata Wizard with application adapters, such as FTP, to pull schemas corresponding to these application adapters into the system. Note that transport adapters such as HTTP do not typically use schemas.

The following procedure walks you through the generic steps to add metadata for an adapter.

To add adapter metadata to a BizTalk project

  1. In your Visual Studio BizTalk project, in Solution Explorer, right-click your project, click Add, and then click Add Generated Items.

  2. In the Add Generated Items - <Project name> dialog box, in the Templates section, select Add Adapter, and then click Open.

  3. In the Add Adapter Metadata Wizard, on the Select Adapter page, do the following.

    Use this To do this
    Adapter list box Select the registered adapter to add to the project.
    SQL Server Enter the BizTalk database server name.
    Database Displays the list of BizTalk Management databases for the chosen server.
    Port Optional. Displays the list of ports created and stored in the BizTalk Management database. Only ports configured to work with the selected adapter are shown.

    Click Next.


    Attempting to add generated schemas that contain characters that the System.XML.XMLConvert class does not support results in a compilation error.

  4. If you are using a static adapter, on the Select Services to Import page, select a set of available services from the tree view, and then click Finish.


    If you are using a dynamic adapter, follow the steps in the custom user interface to complete the wizard.

    After you complete the wizard, Visual Studio lists the .odx and .xsd files in Solution Explorer.