How to update the BizTalk group settings

Using the Settings Dashboard, you can modify the configuration information used across all machines in a given BizTalk group. This topic provides the step-by-step procedure to modify the group-level performance settings in BizTalk Server. These settings are applicable for all the machines in a given group.


You can also modify the host and host instance settings. For more information, see How to Modify Host Settings and How to Modify Host Instance Settings.

The current BizTalk Server settings can be exported to an XML file. Later, you can import those settings to the Settings Dashboard instead of setting up new values. For information on importing or exporting the BizTalk Server settings, see Import or export BizTalk Settings Using Settings Dashboard and Import or export BizTalk Settings Using BTSTask.


To perform this operation, you must be signed in as a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators group.

Update the group-level settings

  1. In the BizTalk Server Administration Console, expand BizTalk Server Administration, right-click BizTalk Group, and then click Settings.

  2. In the BizTalk Settings Dashboard dialog box, on the Group page, do the following:

    Use this To do this Boundary values Default value Upgrade logic
    Configuration refresh interval Set the interval in which BizTalk Server refreshes messaging configuration. 1 - 43200 - -
    Message Batch Threshold If the total size of an incoming message Batch exceeds this value, then it is split into smaller batches and processed. 1 - 10000000 102400 Copies the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\BizTalk Server\3.0\Administration\TransformThreshold value
    Large message size Set the threshold size of an individual message that triggers streaming in a batch and/or during transformations. 1 - 10000000 1000000 Maximum of the existing Large message size and LargeMessageFragmentSize values.
    Tracking and Reporting - - -
    Message box performance counter sampling interval Set the interval at which performance counters are refreshed.

    The interval trades off load on database versus up-to-dateness of counters. The higher value means less frequently updated data, and thus lesser load on the database.
    1 – Maximum value of type Integer - Largest value on any machine in the BizTalk group if present. If not, default.
    Enable group level tracking Select this option to turn the group level tracking for BizTalk Server on.

    Turning off global tracking disables the tracking interceptors for the entire BizTalk Server group. This means, BizTalk Server will not track events in its tracking tables. Note: This setting does not impact BAM Tracking.
    On, Off On -
  3. Click Apply to apply the modifications and proceed to another tab. Or click OK to apply the modifications and exit the Settings Dashboard.


    To restore the default settings, click Restore Defaults.

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