ImportParties Command

Imports the business-to-business parties and agreements from a source XML binding file in the configuration database, without importing any of the application artifacts. For more information, see Remarks in this topic.


This command is new starting with BizTalk Server 2016, and any newer versions.


Binding files generated in BizTalk Server do not have an application specified. They are imported into the default application.


BTSTask ImportParties -Source:value [-ExcludeEdiFallbackSettings] [-Server:value] [-Database:value]


Parameter Required Value
-Source Required The path and file name of the XML binding file to read.
-ExcludeEdiFallbackSettings Optional If specified, it excludes edi fallback (x12 and edifact) settings from the binding file.
-Server Optional The name of SQL server hosting the BizTalk configuration database.
-Database Optional The name of the BizTalk configuration database.


BTSTask ImportParties -Source:"C:\Temp\MyParties.Xml" -ExcludeEdiFallbackSettings


If the binding file also has application artifacts, then they are not imported. Only parties and agreements are imported.