Managing the BAM Dynamic Infrastructure

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) features use a dynamically generated SQL and online analytical processing (OLAP) infrastructure. Administrators use the BAM Management utility to deploy the BAM definition workbook or XML file, which the business analyst develops.

The BAM dynamic infrastructure consists of the BAM workbook views, BAM deployments, the BAM Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages, and the BAM databases. For more information about the BAM dynamic infrastructure, see BAM Dynamic Infrastructure.

BizTalk Server creates the following BAM databases when you configure BizTalk Server:

  • BAM Primary Import (BAMPrimaryImport) database

  • BAM Star Schema (BAMStarSchema) database (optional)

  • BAM Analysis (BAMAnalysis) database (optional)

  • BAM Archive (BAMArchive) database

    For information about the BAM databases, see Managing BAM Databases.

    Administrators perform the following management tasks for the BAM infrastructure, which are described in this section:

  • Deploy and undeploy BAM definitions and views

  • Manage user access to BAM views

  • Run the BAM DTS packages

  • Back up the BAM databases

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