Orchestration Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

The Orchestration Designer design surface provides full accessibility using the keyboard. This accessibility begins when you open the design surface, which you can do in Visual Studio by selecting menu options beginning with the New option on the Filemenu.

Accessibility is also supported within the design surface, where, for example, you can select different shapes and parts of shapes by pressing the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW. When a shape is selected on the design surface, it is highlighted on the design surface and in the Orchestration View window (if applicable), while the Properties grid also displays information about the selected shape.

Orchestration Designer supports accessibility by providing a number of keyboard shortcuts. Different keyboard shortcuts are available depending on what part of the design surface you are currently using.

You can also use many of the existing shortcuts available in Visual Studio, as for example when you are using Microsoft IntelliSense in the BizTalk Expression Editor.

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