POP3 Adapter

You use the Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) adapter to retrieve data from a server that houses POP3 mailboxes into a server running Microsoft BizTalk Server by means of the POP3 protocol.

The POP3 adapter consists of only one adapter, a receive adapter. The receive adapter controls the receive locations that use the POP3 adapter.

This topic discusses the workflow of the POP3 receive adapter.

POP3 Receive Adapter

The POP3 receive adapter retrieves e-mail from a specified mailbox on a specified POP3 server. By default, the POP3 receive adapter applies MIME processing to the e-mail messages that it downloads and submits these messages to BizTalk Server as multipart BizTalk messages. The POP3 receive adapter can receive and process e-mail in the following formats:

  • Plain text

  • MIME encoded

  • MIME encrypted

  • MIME encoded and signed

  • MIME encrypted and signed

    Batching Support for the POP3 Receive Adapter

    The POP3 receive adapter does not support batching.

    Authentication with POP3 Server

    The following authentication methods are supported for use with the POP3 adapter:

  • Basic. The POP3 server uses user provided credentials for authentication. These credentials are sent in clear text.

  • Digest (APOP). The POP3 server uses a digest string for authentication.

  • Secure Password Authentication (SPA). The POP3 server uses current process credentials for authentication.

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