Security Case Studies for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

Security is a concern of any company that is serious about making sure that only a select group of people or applications can access its data and resources. Companies approach and implement security in a variety of ways.

This section provides guidelines for deploying Microsoft BizTalk Server in a secure environment. It provides information to help you assess the potential threats to your BizTalk Server implementation, a sample architecture for small and medium-size companies.

It is difficult to run a business today without thinking about security. If you carry out online transactions, you want to protect the credit card information of your customers. If you work for a Fortune 500 company, you want to keep malicious users away from your networks. If you are a desktop user, you want to keep viruses and worms from damaging your data and limiting your ability to do your work. Almost every day you hear or read about new software vulnerabilities; about new worms and viruses that are faster spreading, harder to eradicate, and more damaging than the previous ones; and about the Web sites of companies being defaced by malicious users. Whatever your business is—large or small, a few customers or millions of customers, one computer or hundreds of computers—you need to keep malicious users and programs (viruses, worms) from compromising your data, computers, and ability to do your job.

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