Standalone MSBUILD

The Project Build component of BizTalk Server allows you to build BizTalk Server solutions without Visual Studio. To install the Project Build component on your server, select the Project Build Component option in the Additional Software category during installation. You should unselect the Developer Tools and SDK as you are installing BizTalk Server on a computer without Visual Studio.

For more information on MSBUILD, see

To build a BizTalk project

  1. Click Start, and click Run.

  2. Type cmd, and press ENTER.

  3. Switch to the project directory, and run a MSBUILD command to build the BizTalk solution.

    msbuild unittesttest.sln /p:Configuration=Debug  


    You may need set the PATH environment variable to point to the folder in which msbuild.exe resides (<windows installation directory>\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4).