Step 6: Configure the EDI-AS2 Receive Location

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In this step, you set up a one-way receive location that receives the EDI message from the Fabrikam party. This receive location uses the AS2EdiReceive receive pipeline to process the incoming EDI/AS2 message. The message will be sent to the receive location by the sender.exe application through the Contoso virtual directory using the BTSHTTPReceive.dll ISAPI extension.

In this tutorial, you will set up a dynamic send port to send the MDN response asynchronously. In this scenario, only a one-way receive port is required. However, you could also change Sender.exe to send an AS2 message specifying a synchronous MDN. You would then have to create a two-way request response receive port to return the MDN. For more information, see the "To test the solution" section of Walkthrough (AS2): Receiving EDI over AS2 with a Synchronous MDN.


You must be logged on as a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators group.

To create the BizTalk HTTP receive location

  1. In the BizTalk Server Administration Console, under the BizTalk Application 1 node, right-click Receive Ports, point to New, and then click One-way Receive Port.

  2. Name the receive port as Receive_AS2.

  3. Click Receive Locations in the console tree, and then click New.

  4. In the Receive Location Properties dialog box, name your receive location Receive_AS2, select HTTP for Type, and then click Configure.

  5. In the HTTP Transport Properties dialog box, enter /Contoso/BTSHTTPReceive.dll for Virtual directory plus ISAPI extension. Clear Return correlation handle on success and select Suspend failed requests. Click OK.

  6. Select AS2EdiReceive for the Receive Pipeline. Click OK, and then click OK again.


    The AS2EdiReceive receive pipeline performs AS2 decoding and EDI disassembly.

  7. In the BizTalk Server Administration Console, click Receive Locations under the BizTalk Application 1 node, right-click Receive_AS2, and then click Enable.

Next Steps

You configure the send port (Send_Asynch_MDN) send port to send the asynchronous MDN back to Fabrikam, as described in Step 7: Configure the MDN Send Port.

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