Configure Table Looping Functoid Dialog Box, Table Looping Grid Tab


Use the Configure Table Looping Grid tab to configure a table of data and data sources in the source schema from which one or more Table Extractor functoids can be used to retrieve data at run-time and copy it to the output instance message as identified by a record or field in the destination schema.

Use this To do this
Table cell drop-down lists For this cell, select one of the relevant input parameters to this Table Looping functoid as the data to be associated with this cell.

The items in the drop-down list for each cell are the set of input parameters defined for this Table Looping functoid, not including the first two input parameters, which define the dimensions of this table. The input parameters can be constant data, output from another functoid, or a location in an instance message defined by the source schema. Important: Providing descriptive labels for the input links to this Table Looping functoid are particularly useful in this scenario because the drop-down lists will show these friendly names rather than the associated XPath value.
Gated Configure whether the data in the first column is evaluated at run-time to determine whether processing the entire corresponding row will be skipped for the current iteration of the relevant record.

If the first cell is output from a Logical functoid, the row is evaluated if the value is True. If the first cell is a field, then the presence of data is treated as True and the row is evaluated. The absence of data is False and the row is skipped.

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