Checklist: Getting Started with BizTalk Server

If you are completely new to BizTalk Server, you should follow the checklist in this topic to get to speed with BizTalk Server.

Steps Reference
Learn about BizTalk Server
Learn about the skill set required for using BizTalk Server. See Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge (
Understand and read about BizTalk Server. - See Introducing BizTalk Server 2010 (
- See Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Technical Overview (
Look at BizTalk Server posters to understand the BizTalk Server architecture. See BizTalk Server Posters (
Understand how to design a BizTalk Server system keeping in mind various aspects such as security, performance, availability, and virtualization. See Designing the System Architectures for BizTalk Server (
Look at some sample BizTalk Server deployment architectures for reference. - See Sample BizTalk Server Architectures (
- See Sample Architectures for Small & Medium-Sized Companies (
Read through the scenarios in which you can use BizTalk Server in your organization. See Scenarios for Business Solutions (
Read through BizTalk Server case studies to understand how organizations deploy BizTalk Server to meet their business goals. See Security Case Studies for Small & Medium-Sized Companies (
Look at the BizTalk Server Developer Center to access various BizTalk Server resources such as documentation, blogs, videos, webcasts, and announcements. See BizTalk Server Developer Center (
Start using BizTalk Server
Install and configure BizTalk Server. As part of BizTalk Server installation and configuration, you must also configure Windows Server and SQL Server for optimum BizTalk Server performance.

If you are going to publish BizTalk Server Web services and WCF services, you must also configure the Internet Information Services (IIS).
- See BizTalk Server 2010 Installation Guides (
- See Checklist: Configuring Windows Server
- See Checklist: Configuring Internet Information Services
- See Checklist: Configuring SQL Server
- See Checklist: Configuring BizTalk Server
Look at videos of BizTalk Server to learn how to perform key tasks using BizTalk Server. See BizTalk Server Videos (
Work with BizTalk Server tutorials to understand how the key features in BizTalk Server can be used together to create a BizTalk Server solution. See BizTalk Server Tutorials (
Download and use the BizTalk Server samples to see how to create a BizTalk Server solution using the key features. See BizTalk Server 2010 SDK Samples (
Refer to the BizTalk Server Help and other white papers to know how to perform specific tasks in BizTalk Server. - Online HelpMicrosoft BizTalk Server 2010 Help (
- Downloadable HelpBizTalk Server 2010 Documentation (
Plug into the BizTalk Server community
Get support for BizTalk Server. See BizTalk Server Support (
Participate in BizTalk-focused newsgroups. See Newsgroups (
Read through BizTalk-related blogs. See BizTalk Server Blogs (
Ask questions on BizTalk-related forums. See BizTalk Server Forums (
Latest about BizTalk Server
Keep yourself updated with the latest on BizTalk Server. See Microsoft BizTalk Server (

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