Checklist: Monitoring BizTalk Server with Operations Manager 2007

This topic lists the high-level steps you can follow when preparing to monitor your BizTalk Server environment.

Step Reference
Ensure that you have appropriate permissions to install and configure software on your BizTalk Server computer(s). Minimum Security User Rights (
Install Operations Manager 2007 agent on each BizTalk Server computer you want to monitor and point it to the Operations Manager 2007 server. Refer to Deploying Operations Manager 2007 (
Download and import the appropriate version of the management packs for the following:

- BizTalk Server (required)
- Enterprise Single Sign-On (required)
- Windows Base OS (Server) (optional)
- Microsoft Windows Server Cluster (if clusters are used, optional)
- SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005 (optional)
- Internet Information Services (IIS) 2008, IIS 2003 (optional)
- Message Queuing (MSMQ) 3.0 (optional)
- Download the Management Packs from System Center Management Pack Catalog (
- Import the management pack by following instructions at How to Import a Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007 (
Read the best practices for using Operations Manager 2010 to monitor BizTalk Server. Best Practices for Monitoring with Operations Manager 2007
Enable or disable the BizTalk Server management pack rules as appropriate. Best Practices for Monitoring with Operations Manager 2007
Add any standalone Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) computers to the list of computers to be monitored by the BizTalk Server management pack. How to Add Enterprise Single Sign-On Computers to the List of Computers Monitored by the BizTalk Server Management Pack (

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