Checklist: Monitoring Operational Readiness

This topic lists the steps that you should follow when monitoring a production BizTalk Server environment.

Steps Reference
Select and implement a monitoring strategy for your BizTalk applications and infrastructure. Monitoring the BizTalk Server Environment
Monitor disk space usage. Monitoring Disk Space Usage
Monitor SQL Server:

- Verify that computers running SQL Server housing the BizTalk Server databases are being monitored.
- Verify that the BizTalk Server jobs are being monitored.
- Monitoring SQL Servers
- Monitoring BizTalk Server Databases
Monitor BizTalk applications:

- Modify existing rules and/or copy rules to a custom management pack to monitor a custom BizTalk application.
- Create actions for each defined rule.
- Create iterative processes to automate manual tasks.
- Use threshold rules to automate manual tasks.
- Monitoring Applications and Host Instances
- Monitoring BizTalk Server2

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