Maintaining BizTalk Server2

Maintenance activities are part of the Service Monitoring and Control (SMC) system management function as defined by the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). The primary goal of SMC is to observe the health of your BizTalk Server system. SMC checks may initiate remedial actions to avoid potential service incidents and to minimize the impact of service incidents when they do occur.

For the purposes of this section of the guide, SMC activities are divided into four three broad categories: reliability, administration, security, and performance. The daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance checklists organize SMC checks according to how frequently each check should be performed. If SMC checks indicate that remedial action is necessary, the checklists will direct you to sources of additional information to resolve the problem.

The sections pertaining to resolving reliability, administration, security, and performance issues contain information about identifying and resolving many common problems encountered during BizTalk Server operations.

For more information about the Microsoft Operations Framework, see For more information about the Service Monitoring and Control function, see

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Checklist: Performing Daily Maintenance Checks

Checklist: Performing Weekly Maintenance Checks

Checklist: Performing Monthly Maintenance Checks