What is Bonsai?

Microsoft Project Bonsai is a low-code AI platform that speeds AI-powered automation development and part of the Autonomous Systems suite from Microsoft.


New to the world of Autonomous Systems?

Read Autonomous Tomorrow: Inside autonomous systems on the factory floor for a high-level overview of how AI is changing and improving industrial control systems.

Use Bonsai to build AI components that can provide operator guidance or make independent decisions to optimize process variables, improve production efficiency, and reduce downtime.

The intuitive interface lets users create AI with their knowledge and experience without requiring additional resources. Bonsai gives you total control over how AI supports your process and total visibility into why your AI makes decisions and recommendations.

No neural net design required!

Bonsai component infographic

Infographic of the Bonsai platform. Shows a simulator icon flowing into a circular graph that connects the training engine, training curriculum, and integrated simulation. Another arrow flows away from the circular graph to indicate an exported brain.

The Bonsai platform simplifies machine teaching with deep reinforcement learning so you can train and deploy smarter autonomous systems:

  • Integrate training simulations that implement real-world problems and provide realistic feedback during training.
  • Train adaptive brains with intuitive goals and learning objectives, real-time success assessments, and automatic versioning control.
  • Export the optimized brain and deploy it on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.


The Bonsai platform runs on Azure and charges resource costs to your Azure subscription: