Release notes

Project Bonsai is a Machine Teaching service that abstracts the complexity of AI and enables non-software Engineers to create or equip industrial control systems with intelligence and autonomous decision-making capabilities. The service provides an IDE for Engineers where they can use simulations of the physical system for generating synthetic training data and author teaching curricula using a domain specific Machine Teaching language (called Inkling).

The service uses advanced deep reinforcement learning algorithms under the hood and enables domain experts to harness their knowledge using constructs they are familiar with. The resulting systems can operate in dynamic physical environments, optimizing their operation through smart, autonomous decisions and actions.


When the user creates a new workspace resource in the Azure Portal, it will also create a system-assigned managed identity attached to this workspace resource object. User assigned managed identity is not supported yet for our Azure Resource. More functionality related to managed identity may come in the future. Additional information about Managed Identity for Azure Resources may be found in the Azure AD-managed identities for Azure resources documentation.