Connect a bot to Bing

Connecting your bot to the Bing channel allows people to discover and chat with your bot directly in the Bing search results page. You can build Bing bots using the Bot Sevice and connect them to the Bing channel. The Bing bot development experience allows you to publish your bots to Bing. People will also be able to chat with the bot directly on

Bing business bot

To find a bot on Bing, go to and enter a search query in the form of "BotName bot." For example, if the bot’s name is "Contoso," enter "Contoso bot."

The bot will appear in Bing search results as a rich answer when the user queries specifically for the bot. Click Chat on Bing to launch the bot.

Bing search results

If a website has been associated with the bot, the link to the bot will appear underneath the website's Bing search result. Click the link to the bot to launch the bot.

Publish your bot on Bing

Open the bot in the Azure Portal, click the Channels blade, and then click Bing. Fill out the required information about your bot. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Connect to Bing


Be sure you read the Microsoft Online Services Terms, Microsoft Channel Publication Terms and Code of Conduct before publishing a bot on Bing.

General information

Provide some basic information about your bot.

General bot information

  • Bot icon: Upload an icon for your bot. Icons must be under 32KB and in PNG format.
  • Display Name: Enter a name for this bot. This is the name that will appear in search results.
  • Long Description: Describe the bot's purpose and function. The bot must operate as described in its bot description.
  • Website: Link to a website with more information about this bot. There will be an additional verification step to link this bot to the site.

Bot category

Categories provide another way for users to find bots on the Bing Bot directory. Users can filter by category to find all "entertainment bots", "music bots", "news bots", and so on.

Bot category

  • Select category: Choose the most appropriate category for this bot.
  • Tags for this bot: Enter appropriate tags and keywords to help users find this bot. Use "," or ";" or separate tags.

Publisher information

This is the contact information Microsoft will use to communicate with the bot's publisher.

Bot publisher

  • Publisher name: Enter the name of person to contact about this bot.
  • Publisher email: Enter an email address to use for bot-related communications.
  • Publisher phone: Enter a phone number to use for bot-related communications.

Privacy and terms of use

These are required for published bots.

Privacy statement

  • Privacy Statement URL: If this bot handles users' personal data, provide a link to the applicable privacy policy. The Code of Conduct contains third party resource links to help create a privacy policy.
  • Terms of use URL: A link to the bot's Terms of Service is required.

Submit for review and publish

Click Submit for review.

After submitting this bot for review, click the Test on Bing link to preview a sample of how the bot will appear on Bing. The bot logo will not appear in the sample, but it will appear once the bot is published.


Do not distribute the test link. Its only purpose is to provide a preview before the bot is approved.

The review process takes a few business days and you may be contacted. After approval, users can find the bot in Bing search results and use Bing, or any other supported channel, to interact with the bot.

Bing website search results

Publishing to the Bing channel makes the bot discoverable by the widest possible audience. However, not all bots should be easily discoverable. For example, a bot designed for use by company employees should not be made generally available. A link to the bot can be privately distributed instead.


To view the status of a review, open the bot in the Azure Portal and click Channels. If the bot is not approved, the result will link to the reason why. After making the required changes, resubmit the bot for review.