Sales Insights application for sales managers


These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. To see when this functionality is planned to release, please review What’s new and planned for AI for Sales. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy).

Pipeline and team management

AI for Sales provides interactive reports that include key performance indicators (KPIs) for pipeline and deals. On top of KPIs and reports, AI for Sales gives sales managers AI-driven insights and actions to take.

KPIs, visuals, and reports generally available

In October 2018, we released a preview of the Sales Insights application, which provides sales managers with interactive reports that include key performance indicators to help monitor and manage pipeline and deals. They can drill down into individual reports and analyze their team’s behavior. The Highlights section shows relevant deal insights and customer news, providing managers with the information they need to run their business. If something is not available as a chart, sales managers can use natural language to query it with embedded Q&A.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights: standalone experience homepage

We also enabled sales managers to generate call insights and coach their reps for better business outcomes.

In July 2019, we plan to open the Sales Insights application capability to sellers to ensure transparency of information to both parties who are involved in “smart coaching.” As we tie together Dynamics 365 sales outcomes and process data with Office 365 activity data and sales call data, a sales assistant will surface out-of-the-box coaching insights to managers and sellers directly in the app. Reviewing conversations will get even better with emotion detection and automatic detection of brands. With managers having the ability to provide coaching comments right at the transcript for a specific conversation, we will empower them to close the coaching loop. We will open the doors for conversational and sales data exploration through natural language querying via Business Q&A. Finally, the onboarding experience for customers to bring in their call data will be made easier via recording platform partnerships.

Improved search experience

Sales managers can find the information and insights they are looking for more quickly with improvements to the search experience within the standalone experience for sales managers. Answers to most common and important questions are provided through curated results that help sales managers quickly open and filter interactive reports including the best key performance indicators to answer their questions.

Additionally, for less common questions, the best available data that might help sales managers get to the insight they are looking for can be automatically located and visualized. To help sales managers understand the best questions to ask, the search experience also provides improved auto-complete and a comprehensive library of recommended questions.

Predictive forecasting

By removing the manual and error-prone steps from the forecasting process, sales managers will be able to leverage AI-based models to accurately predict their team's revenue at the end of each period. They'll be able to visualize these predictions against quotas to identify opportunities for coaching and course correction. Predictive forecasting will allow managers to deliver even more accurate forecasts and focus on the right deals.

Call intelligence

The call intelligence capabilities enable smarter coaching to help boost sales conversion rates. By connecting call center telephony recording systems to the app, call center managers can generate conversation insights that help them better understand how sellers are engaging with customers.

Enrich existing call intelligence functionality and user experience

In October 2018, the call intelligence product capability enabled inside sales managers to generate call insights and increase the output of their reps. In the April '19 release we plan to provide additional functionality and an enhanced user experience.