Shared and certified datasets


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In many cases, data already exists to answer your business question. The challenge for the data provider is to share it in a way that encourages reuse and preserves a single version of the truth. For the report author, the challenge is to find reliable and high-quality data quickly and easily in both the service and Power BI Desktop.

With shared datasets in Power BI, we are allowing a single dataset to be used by multiple reports, across workspaces. As part of this work, we are expanding the Power BI permission model to add a new “explore” permission, separating out the permission to view pre-created reports on a dataset from those with “explore”, which will allow the creation of new content, whether that is through the Power BI service (reports, Q&A), Desktop, Analyze in Excel, or third-party BI tools.

To help users discover shared datasets relevant to them, we are introducing a new dataset discovery experience in the Power BI service and Desktop that makes it easy to browse and search to find content (see the following screenshot). Organizations will be able to certify datasets that are the authoritative source for critical information, which will be prominently featured in the discovery experience.

Shared and certified datasets

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