These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. To see when this functionality is planned to release, please review What’s new and planned for Common Data Model and Data Integration. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy).

On-premises data gateway supports out-of-box certified data connectors

Certified custom connectors will be available out of the box on the on-premises data gateway. This will help developers and gateway admins select certified custom connectors as data sources with minimal or no configuration changes.

The user can discover Microsoft-certified custom connectors and add them as new data sources in the manage gateway experience. This eliminates the need to manage these certified connectors across all gateways in a gateway cluster.

Ability to create multiple credentials for an on-premises data source

Different security levels implemented for the same on-premises gateway data source will help gateway admins manage security efficiently by granting access to end users based on their allowed access level. Gateway management today supports only one credential per data source in each gateway. Due to this restriction, users can connect to unauthorized data from a data source if the data source credential has superior access and vice versa. To resolve this issue, gateway admins had to spin up a new gateway. With this new capability, they can now create multiple data sources connecting to the same source, each with a different credential, and add users to each of these data sources based on their access level.

Gateway administration across a tenant

  • Tenant admin portal: The tenant administrator can review and manage all on-premises gateways installed within their organization via this portal.

    There is currently no single place where tenant administrators can manage all gateways that other users have installed and configured unless all users in the organization add the tenant admin as an administrator to every gateway they install. To mitigate this issue, tenant admins can now see all gateway clusters and also individual gateway machines listed under each gateway cluster and gateway admin information.

  • Tenant admin to restrict users from installing on-premises gateway: This lets tenant administrators allow selective users in the company to install the on-premises gateway for better manageability.

Management enhancements

  • Centralized gateway management: Gateway admins will have a standard experience for managing configuration for gateway clusters, individual gateway machines, and associated data sources across the Power Platform including Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow. This will also help gateway admins view and manage gateways within each cluster.

  • Deprecation of older versions of a gateway: Gateway admins and report users using older versions of the on-premises gateway will be notified to upgrade to the latest version of the gateway. This will help gateway admins plan for upgrades to the latest version and improve supportability. Report users and gateway admins will also benefit from the updates and latest features shipped with the most recent releases of the on-premises gateway.

Improved reliability, supportability, and diagnostics

These are some improvements related to the fundamentals:

  • Actionable messaging for errors in multiple areas like installation and data refreshes.
  • Faster releases and improved reliability of the gateway metadata service.
  • Improved gateway logging related to usage, refreshes, data sources, and connectivity.

SAP BW single sign-on (Kerberos) in Power BI service (via on-premises data gateway), for SAP BW Application and Message Server

This feature will enable users to leverage Kerberos-constrained single sign-on delegation when publishing DirectQuery-based reports on top of SAP BW Application and Message Server data.

SAP HANA single sign-on (SAML) in Power BI service (via on-premises data gateway)

You've been able to use single sign-on leveraging Kerberos when connecting to SAP HANA in DirectQuery mode from Power BI. With this feature, you will now also be able to connect to SAP HANA using single sign-on leveraging SAML.