Quick Entry


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Accelerate repetitive entry of records with the powerful Quick Entry feature for the desktop browser and Windows desktop app.

Business value

Desktop users spend significant time on repeatedly typing in information to create records in sequence, such as taking orders over the phone, digitizing receipts or registering new items. While users want to view as much detail as possible on a page, only a fraction of those fields must consistently be filled in when creating the record. Navigating to those essential fields becomes cumbersome when working mouse-free, as users are forced to follow the standard tab order of fields on the page.

Quick Entry is a powerful and simple feature that provides an alternate path through editable fields on a page. It changes the behavior of the Enter key to be different from the Tab key, moving the focus to the next Quick Entry field across the page and skipping over non-essential fields.

Screen grab of a page with multiple fields, artificially highlighting those included in Quick Entry

Including or excluding fields from the Quick Entry path

Quick Entry can be personalized using the modern and immersive personalization experience, empowering users to tailor Business Central to how they or their department typically enters data.

Developers can define an initial path of Quick Entry fields per page in their application, customize that in extensions, and also tailor it to specific role profiles. Furthermore, the Quick Entry AL property supports expressions to create dynamic Quick Entry paths to different fields.

A truly productive experience

Carefully designed for the needs of intensive users, Quick Entry includes improvements over the earlier Quick Entry feature in Dynamics NAV, such as:

  • Moving to any Quick Entry field across the page, including moving in and out of editable parts such as list parts, by using a powerful combination of keys: Enter, Shift+Enter and Shift+Ctrl+Enter.
  • Expanding a collapsed FastTab (field group) if the next Quick Entry field is in that group.
  • Cycling from the last Quick Entry field to the first Quick Entry field on the page.

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