Advanced wave label printing


These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. To see when this functionality is planned to release, please review What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy).

This functionality offers an alternate approach to label printing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations by introducing new wave step method. The new method enables creating and printing of the labels directly from the wave template during wave execution process. Therefore, the labels will be available before the work order is executed on the mobile device. This handles scenarios where a different approach to label handling is desirable, enabling the worker to use and attach the required labels during picking and not only after picking.

The feature introduces a new Label layout form where ZPL label layouts are created to be used for every label that is printed via the new functionality. The new label layout is broken into three sections—header, body, and footer—to allow labels with repeating structure to be printed. Label templates, which tell the system what label layout to use, is the second form introduced. Here, the user can also specify which printer to print the label at, or if needed, to print labels at multiple printers at once. To further extend the overview of printed labels, the Label history page is introduced where records of all labels created via this setup are displayed.

With this setup you can print and collate labels based on work headers, print break labels per work header, container content labels, case labels, and other similar labels.


This functionality does not replace existing label printing functionality via Document routing.