Alert users before sessions end due to inactivity

The idle timeout for Finance and Operations is currently defaulted at 60 minutes. After that inactivity limit has been surpassed by a user and with no forewarning, the user is alerted that their session has been terminated.

To provide a better experience, to give awareness of an impending session suspension due to inactivity, and to help prevent losing any unsaved changes when this occurs, users will now be notified 3 minutes before their sessions are set to be terminated due to inactivity and given an opportunity to reconnect before the session is ended.

Users will now see the following message a few minutes before their session is set to be terminated due to inactivity.

User alert displayed 3 minutes before session closes due to inactivity

Once the timer has reached zero, the user's session will be terminated and the following message will be shown to the user.

User alert after a session has ended due to inactivity