Catch weight product processing with warehouse management


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This functionality will provide support for using catch weight products within warehouse management processes. Catch weight products are often used in industries where products vary by weight and/or size, such as the food industry. Catch weight products use two units of measure—an inventory unit (such as kg, lb, or oz) and a catch weight unit (such as box, each, or pallet). The inventory unit is the unit of measure in which the product is weighed and invoiced. The catch weight unit is the unit in which the products are handled, such as received, transferred, and shipped.

Catch weight quantities shown together with inventory quantities on the Physical on-hand inventory page

Within the warehouse management processes, the catch weight products can be handled in different units, such as pallets and boxes, and the business processes can be granularly defined to, for example, perform the inbound weighing per pallet level and capture the outbound sales process during picking or packing per catch weight quantity (box).

This feature also allows you to use a catch weight tag that will get the captured weight per catch weight unit assigned. The goal of this approach is to weigh the product only once at the time of receipt. This works for products that do not change weight over time (frozen shrimp, for example) and products that have a handling unit of measure that is shippable (such as a box of shrimp).

Mobile warehouse app showing how tag weight is captured

With this approach, the user scans the catch weight tag to identify the weight at the time of picking or packing based on product configuration and then invoicing is based on the weight that is associated with the captured catch weight tag.

Enabling weight tag tracking on the Catch weight item handling policies page

Catch weight registrations shown on the Catch weight tag registration page