Distribute discount across lines for least expensive discounts


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Business value

Retailers today run multiple types of promotions that encourage customers to purchase products. Sometimes, however, customers return some or all of the purchased merchandise. The returned merchandise is generally sold at high discounts and thus has a huge impact on the bottom line of the retailer. Improvements that can reduce the loss for returns are very beneficial for retailers.

Feature description

Dynamics 365 for Retail supports many discounts that depend on other items present in the cart; for example, quantity, mix and match, and threshold discounts. In most cases, the applicable discount is distributed proportionally on all the discount lines. However, for "least expensive mix and match" discounts, the discount is applied only on the least expensive lines. For example, "buy 2 get 1 free" would result in the least expensive item to be free and the cart would show full price for the other two items. If the customer returns both of the full-priced items, they would get the third item for free, which causes a loss for the retailer. With this feature, retailers can optionally distribute the discount on all the applicable lines, thus reducing the loss on the returns. This capability can be easily enabled by turning on the Distribute discount for least expensive discounts parameter located on the Discounts tab on the Retail parameters page.