Update hardware station merchant properties at runtime


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Business value

As part of wider efforts to improve scalability, work is being done to support "silent" install and upgrade for certain Retail components. For the hardware station, this means certain aspects related to configuration must change. Specifically, the current hardware station installer includes a configuration utility that sets merchant properties for the hardware station. This utility must be physcially run by an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) user every time hardware station properties need an update. This process does not scale and can make upgrades difficult.

Feature description

This feature enables headless hardware station installation and merchant properties updates by moving the process of setting merchant properties to MPOS runtime. The merchant properties configuration utility will no longer be part of the hardware station installer, so an Azure AD user will not have to run the utility to update or set merchant properties for a standalone Internet Information Services (IIS) hardware station. Instead, during Modern Point of Sale (MPOS) sign-in and activation, the merchant properties will be checked. If the retail server has newer merchant properties than those found on the hardware station, the new merchant properties will be sent to the hardware station. This entire process will be transparent to the Point of Sale (POS) user.