Easily post your jobs to more sites using Broadbean


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Hiring teams want to get their open positions in front of as many qualified candidates as possible. Job sites are one of the key ways to reach a lot of potential qualified candidates, at scale. Hiring teams also want to spend advertising dollars on channels that deliver the best outcomes. Integration with external job sites for job postings helps organizations achieve this goal. By publishing jobs through these sites, organizations improve efficiency and save time by multi-posting jobs to a network of thousands of job sites with a single click. By automating this process, recruiters can focus their time on screening candidates and identifying the right fit, instead of the mechanics of job posting.

To achieve this result, Attract is building integration with Broadbean, a global, market-leading job-posting system that enables organizations to instantly distribute job postings to thousands of job boards and social media channels.

This feature enables recruiters to:

  • Post new jobs to one or more external job sites.

  • Edit jobs posts and repost to one or more external job sites.

  • Remove posts from one or more external job sites.

For more information about posting jobs to Broadbean, see Post jobs to Broadbean from Attract.