What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 for Talent

This topic lists features that are planned to release between April and September 2019. Previews for some features will start in February 2019.

These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy).

When a month is used in the Date column, the feature will be delivered sometime within that month. The delivery date can be any day within that month, not just on the first day of the month.

For a list of the regions where Dynamics 365 business applications are available, see the International availability guide.


Feature Release type Date
Wide net, fast funnel
Easily post your jobs to more sites General Availability April 2019
Improve candidate engagement via career site Public Preview April 2019
Source tracking Public Preview March 2019
Take administrative actions on multiple candidates with a single click Public Preview March 2019
Create customizable job and profile forms Public Preview April 2019
Inclusive language checker Public Preview June 2019
Create custom recruiting workflows that map to candidate origin (internal vs external) Public Preview February 2019
Search enhancements Public Preview February 2019
Provide an out-of-the-box integration with a candidate assessment solution Public Preview April 2019
Track silver medalists Public Preview March 2019
Analytics and actions
Use analytics for hiring process insights Public Preview April 2019
Internal mobility
Organize internal candidate pipeline Public Preview March 2019
Better together with LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn profile to apply for a job General Availability April 2019
Apply for a job directly from within LinkedIn Public Preview April 2019
Sourcing and Talent relationship management
Invite prospects to apply Public Preview June 2019
Talent pool enhancements Public Preview April 2019
Administration and compliance enhancements
Audit your hiring process Public preview May 2019
Create customized email templates and accounts for candidate communications Public preview June 2019
Customize hiring processes to meet organizational needs Public Preview May 2019
Faster offer preparation General Availability April 2019


Feature Release type Date
Analytics and action
Use action-oriented dashboards to streamline your daily tasks Public Preview April 2019
Leverage rich analytics to get insight into your new hires and processes Public Preview April 2019
Drive to completion
Encourage guide completion with new hire reminder emails Public Preview March 2019
Get your new hire integrated quickly by automatically scheduling 1:1s with relevant team members Public Preview May 2019
Quickly view a list of all your onboarding guides Public Preview April 2019
Solicit new hires for feedback on their onboarding guides Public Preview March 2019
Frictionless guide creation and administration
Streamline guide administration by assigning activities to roles General Availability April 2019
Share best practices across your organization using Onboard Teams General Availability April 2019
Accelerate guide creation by importing an existing template into yours General Availability April 2019
Jumpstart your onboard journey through a quick zero-to-guide experience Public Preview April 2019

Core HR

Feature Release type Date
Expand Core HR entities in CDS for Apps General Availability April 2019
Leave and absence rules and policies General Availability April 2019