Permission sets are editable

Customers often have their own definitions of what people should be able to do in Business Central, and those definitions do not always align with our predefined permission sets. To address that, we have made permission sets editable so that you can add, delete, and modify them.

From the list of permission sets, you can add new and copy an existing permission set. The resulting set will be of type User-Defined. If you copy an existing permission set, you can choose to be notified if the original permission set changes so that you can update the customized set if needed.

Additionally, you can now import files with permission sets definitions, such as files provided by a partner or copied from another company, and you can use RapidStart to add permission sets.

Overview of effective permissions for a user

For setup and troubleshooting, you need information on where the user’s permissions come from and what the user’s entitlement (license) gives them access to.

From each user card, the Effective Permissions window shows which permissions a user has and through which permission set(s) they are granted, either through the entitlement, through a default set (System), or through a customized set (User-Defined). Here you can also change permission sets of type User-Defined.


When you edit a permission set, the changes will also apply to other users that have the permission set assigned.


Managing Users and Permissions

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