Platform extensibility enhancements wave 4

Enhanced extensibility capabilities in Platform update 23:

  • Allow adding new relations to query datasources (Ref# 198819).

  • Allow ability to change field properties (Mandatory, AllowEdit, AllowEditOnCreate) on existing fields in data entity extensions (Ref# 198818).

  • Ability to adjust the fieldgroup order of new fields added via table extension (Ref# 198798).

  • Enable support for DataMemberAttribute on extension classes (Ref# 199219).

  • Allow adding table permissions into a security role using an extension (Ref# 198823).

  • Add the ability to use AND and OR APIs with SysDaQueryExpression and adjust extensibility of SysDa* classes (Ref# 269067).

For more information about all extensibility capabilities, see the Extensibility home page.