Cash out gift card balance for a retail customer

This new feature gives retailers the option to set a new operation to cash out a gift card and to set the gift card balance limits under which the cash out operation can be enabled.

Business value

The purpose of this feature is to allow cashiers to cash out the remaining amount on a gift card. Retailers often must be able to exchange a low balance gift card for cash at the customer's request. In Washington state, for example, that threshold is $5.

Feature description

We have implemented an operation at the point of sale (POS) that effectively redeems a gift card for cash. This operation should not require the sale of any line item and should act like the "Add to" gift card operation, but decrementing the balance due on the gift card to zero.

How to set up the gift card cashout feature

Configuration is done from Retail Store Setup > Payment Methods.

Retail store setup

The threshold for which a gift card can be cashed out comes from the Dynamics configuration.

Cashout configuration

After the threshold limits are added, the new operation Cash out gift card must be added using the POS layout designer.

POS layout designer

Once the POS layout publish to the stores is complete, cashiers can use the feature.

Gift card cash out

Out of scope

  • Automatic cash out if the gift card balance goes below a threshold amount during a transaction.