Mobile POS improvements

This feature includes improvements to navigation within the mobile POS application and allows users to perform order fulfillment operations on their mobile devices.

Back button navigation

Users can now utilize the hardware or OS-provided Back navigation buttons to navigate between views in POS. In addition, an on-screen Back arrow has been added to the mobile POS views to improve navigation within the app.

POS notifications

The mobile POS header has been optimized to ensure that the POS notification icon is visible even on the smallest screens (320 pixels).

POS notifications

Actions menu

The mobile POS actions menu on the transaction screen now allows users to add multiple button grids, which will render as submenus. This allows users to configure more meaningful, contextual, screen layouts with fewer clicks to get to the operations needed.

Actions menu

Order fulfillment

Users can now access the order fulfillment views on mobile devices in the POS app. Just as in the full application, users can view, edit, pick, pack, and ship orders that are scheduled to be fulfilled from their store. In addition, new sorting options have been added to help users find the order lines they need.

Mobile order fulfillment - Tiles

Mobile order fulfillment - Lines

Mobile order fulfillment - Line details