Payment method restrictions for returns without a receipt

Returns are an integral operation for a retailer. Return policies and refund guidelines are generally set at a company level and enforced at a store level with certain privileges for cashiers and a few override permissions for the managers/senior staff.

Dynamics 365 for Retail has returns capabilities that allow retailers to process returns and their refunds.

This new feature enables retailers to set restrictions on requirements for receipts, process funds to multiple tender types, or restrict the refunds to certain payment methods when the returns are processed without receipts.

Business value

Retail stores get returns and refund requests frequently. This is true for call centers and online channels as well. In some cases the returns may be requested without the presence of a receipt and transaction ID, increasing the risk factor for the retailer to confirm it is a genuine return.

To maintain customer loyalty and brand consciousness, returns are often accepted without a receipt. However, to lower the risk of fraudulent returns, the refund payment methods like cash or check can be restricted and certain payment methods such as gift cards can be allowed to ensure continued business and prevent loss of revenue.

How to use the returns feature

With the new enhancements to the retail store setup, payment methods can be restricted or allowed at each store for the payment method type. This gives very granular control to the retailers based on the type of store to allow or restrict certain payment methods when the returns are processed without a receipt.

Configuration is done from Retail Store Setup > Payment Methods.

Retail Store Setup

For each payment method that is available to the store, a new configuration parameter called Restrict refunds without receipt is available.

Payment method configuration

If the parameter is set to Yes, a prompt will be displayed that stops the cashier from selecting the payment method if there is return without receipt being processed.