Store hours

The new store hours feature provides the ability to capture and maintain multiple sets of store operating hours for a retailer. Dynamics 365 for Retail currently had no out-of-box solution to let retailers showcase their store operating hours across different channels like store, call center, mobile, e-commerce, and so on.

Retailers can now create and manage their store hours in Retail and have cashiers look up store hours across various locations to assist customers in their shopping experience. It also allows retailers to print them at the footer of the receipt to notify customers when the stores are accessible to retail customers.

Business value

All retail stores have store hours when they are open for retail customers. In many cases, store hours vary from weekdays to weekends, from various geographies, seasons, and times of the year. Customers need to be able to quickly glance and be aware of when the retail stores are open.

Retailers can use the new store hours feature to create, maintain, and manage the store hours for different stores across geographies from a single point. Retailers can showcase the new store hours in POS terminals, letting the cashiers share store hours to customers and assist shoppers while looking for inventory in different stores. Customers also can see the new store hours printed on their receipts in case they wish to return to the store.

Store hours functionality can be leveraged on e-commerce websites, mobile apps, kiosks, and so on. Future enhancements to this feature might be to enable the retailer to set an appropriate pickup date based on holiday hours and store closures.

How to use the store hours feature

When the holiday and store hours are known, the admin can set the store hours for the whole year or to an even longer schedule.

Store Hours Template 

This calendar is now made available for the different store or store groups. The calendar is set for all the stores and should be visible in the POS for reference.

Save Store Hours Template

A cashier completing a sale prints the receipt, where the store hours are visible for the customer. Upcoming holidays—when the store is closed—are also made visible on the receipt.

Receipt Template

If a customer has a pickup order for a different store, the cashier can select the right dates where the pickup will be available in that store. The store lookup will provide a reference to the dates and store times. The cashier will choose a date and location and print a pickup receipt with the store hours.

Store Card Template