Overview of Microsoft PowerApps October '18 release

PowerApps is a service that lets you build business apps that run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, and no coding experience is required. Use PowerApps documentation to get expert information and answers to address your needs, regardless of how you use PowerApps.

The October '18 release provides major improvements for all four types of platform users:

  • App makers
  • App consumers
  • Admins
  • ISVs

Continued innovation for app makers

Following up on the April 2018 release, the creation experience for model and canvas apps, as well as the Common Data Service for Apps, received significant updates. These updates enable a broad set of use cases for productivity apps through Office 365, in addition to deep business app customization and creation with Dynamics 365.

PowerApps Platform provides fast, consistent user experience

PowerApps is an enterprise-ready platform providing end users with fast, reliable, and consistent user experiences across web and mobile devices.

Customers of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service, as well as IT and ISV apps, can now use the Unified Interface for adaptable, performant, and responsive experiences that provide all the functionality they need. A unified mobile player also provides a single place to find and launch model and canvas applications built by Microsoft, ISVs, and IT departments.

Enterprise-grade platform for administrators

PowerApps makes maintaining and managing apps across your organization easier than ever before. With the launch of the new Admin Center, admins and partners are embracing the more reliable, unified experience to manage storage capacity, environments, and deployments. Admins are more successful resolving issues via the integrated Help & Support experience in the admin center, and the number of issues that are resolved within a day of escalation to customer support has tripled.

Emerging ecosystem of ISVs on the platform

PowerApps and the Common Data Service for Apps have a growing ecosystem of applications from Microsoft, and other software vendors build atop the platform and store data natively in the Common Data Service. The growing set of applications benefits from increased capabilities that make it possible to build world-class SaaS applications on the platform.