GDPR compliance


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Microsoft is committed to helping you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When a user is deleted from Azure Active Directory (AAD), the tenant administrator receives an email notification indicating that the user has been deleted from the corporate directory.

At that point, the admin can determine which apps were previously owned by the user and reassign ownership of those apps by using PowerShell admin cmdlets. The admin can optionally delete the applications if they are no longer in use within the organization.

The newly assigned app owner can view, rename, edit, or delete the application. When a user is deleted from Azure Active Directory, if the app relied on any connections that were created by the user (such as connections to a Customer Connector, SQL Server, and so on), the app will be broken until the new owner takes the following steps:

  1. Re-create the required connections.

  2. In PowerApps Studio, update the app to point to those new connections.

  3. Save and publish the application.

A screenshot showing data connections

Update connections

Go to the Trust Center to learn more about GDPR and find resources to help you comply.