Simplified view - templates


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With the April '19 release, you will be able to create, manage, and publish your own personalized views of the pages so that the experience and interaction with the application becomes simple, highly discoverable, and efficient.

Built on this new facility, a set of preconfigured view templates will be available on selected documents and entities. The composition of a template will be driven by information relevant to both a specific user role and a given task performed by the same user role. Types of documents and entities for which view templates will be available are as follows:


  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase requisitions
  • (Select) journals


  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Products

More specifically, two separate views of a sales order detail page will be available out of the box for a customer service representative and A/R clerk, to reflect their different needs for order details relevant to their roles. Two additional page views will be provided for a customer service representative to accommodate the need to see different order information depending on the stage of the order processing and fulfilment.

The Order entry view will focus on displaying order line details that are essential to order entry and order preparation, such as product name and attributes, quantity, price- and margin-related values, and total amounts:

Simplified view templates example 1

When an order has moved into fulfilment, and the customer service rep needs to answer the customer’s inquiry, the Order follow-up view that prioritizes details related to fulfilment status will be of use:

Simplified view templates example 2