Designate silver medalists to track high-value candidates


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Organizations spend considerable resources as well as time in assessing and evaluating candidates. Several candidates are considered for a single position yet only one of them is eventually converted into an employee. Other candidates who perform well in their evaluation and who might be a perfect fit for a similar or identical position are often lost because there is no way to earmark them. These candidates, termed silver medalists, are high value and should be on top of the recruiter's list the next time a similar position opens. Hiring managers too are interested in tracking such candidates for consideration in the future or in case the candidate who received an offer declines. Being able to track such assets can help save on resources and reduce time to fill.

With this feature, recruiters and hiring managers will be able to:

  • Keep track of candidates who are a great fit for a role and did well in their evaluations for consideration in the future by designating them silver medalists for a particular job.

  • Easily add high-value or high-potential candidates to talent pools and identify/search for them.