Richer and more unified connector and developer ecosystem

A critical part of Data Integration and the suite of products it supports is connectivity to external data sources. While we continue to invest in a set of enterprise grade data sources, there are a growing number of databases and services many users come to depend on outside of that set. To ensure our users can connect to the data they need, we continue to invest in our extensibility points throughout the platform.

Improved development for connectors across the platform

Developers and ISVs looking to build connectors for our platform can choose to build connectors with actions and triggers for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Logic Apps, or build rich data connectors for Power BI.

This release includes a number of improvements for ISVs and developers to build, test, and release their connectors across our entire platform. With the general availability of the Power Query SDK, developers now have access to a mature platform for building rich connectors for Power BI. Access the Power Query SDK here.

Improved consumption for connectors

With this release, we now provide an integrated experience to offer improved consumption experiences for connectors in Power BI Desktop and via the On-premises Data Gateway. Certified connectors built by partners and ISVs can now be easily discovered and used in Power BI Desktop. This integration will add connectors to the large number of integrations and improve experiences for our developers and consumers in the ecosystem. Both the personal and enterprise versions of the On-premises Data Gateway now support discovery and data refreshes for certified and custom connectors.

Unified connector certification program

Developers and ISVs building connectors may submit their connectors for certification to Microsoft. Certified connectors are released publicly and provide an integrated experience for end users. It increases the reach, discoverability, and usage of the service.

The connector certification program is open to submissions for any partner-built connectors that meet the basic requirements:

  • The submitter is affiliated with the service the connector is built against.
  • The connector supports business user scenarios for the targeted platform.

Read more about the connector certification program.