Custom analytics

Dynamics 365 for Marketing collects wide-ranging and detailed information about how contacts interact with your marketing initiatives. Use custom analytics to organize and present this data within the Marketing app.

Custom analytics can help deliver actionable insights based on data from Marketing and other business applications. View reports that are fine-tuned to your business processes and use them to identify ways to run more efficient and effective campaigns. In the future, we'll also deliver insights based on machine learning to help you get even more out of your business data, acquired data, and unique Microsoft data sets.

Use Dynamics 365 for Marketing to build custom analytics that support your organization's specific business processes, drive good decision making, and deliver results. Design charts, graphs, and KPIs that you can embed right into the app, where marketers need them most.

Setup required

  • You must bring you own Azure Blob Storage to use this feature. The Marketing app must be able to connect to this resource and store marketing data there.
  • You can choose to build Power BI reporting on top of this data store by using the Power BI dataflows connector. This feature is still in preview. More information: Self-service data prep with dataflows (Public Preview)
  • Alternatively, you can build Power BI reporting leveraging custom mapping for the marketing data stored on Azure Blob Storage.


Public preview


Create custom analytics with Power BI