Overview of Microsoft Layout October '18 release

Microsoft Layout lets you bring space designs from concept to completion with confidence and speed. Use a HoloLens or Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset to easily create room layouts in a real-world space. Import 3D models and experience designs as high-quality holograms. Edit and review with stakeholders in real time.

Multiple industries, including manufacturing, professional services, and retail, have needs for space planning. A variety of space planning tools today fill these needs, ranging from extremely complex CAD software to 2D visualization software to analog solutions such as building out in cardboard and foamcore. Each has its drawbacks. CAD programs offer a high degree of fidelity, but are difficult for non-experts to understand. 2D drawings often don’t tell a complete story of what a space will truly look or feel like in real life, and cardboard and foamcore are messy and expensive.

Microsoft Layout allows space planners to quickly lay out their spaces with imported or graybox assets and view high-quality holograms overlaid on their real world with HoloLens or in a virtual representation of their space in Windows Mixed Reality. Microsoft Layout also lets space planners share their designs easily with stakeholders through videos, photos, and screen sharing.

Define your space:

  • Scan your space with HoloLens to create a new room layout.
  • Or, create a basic floor plan in Visio and import it into HoloLens or Windows Mixed Reality.

Import 3D models:

  • Use the Import Tool for Microsoft Layout to prepare your custom 3D models. The tool uploads your models in FBX, OBJ, SKP, STP, JT, and glTF formats to our Simplygon service, converts them to GLB, decimates them if necessary for improved on-device performance, and adds necessary metadata.
  • Or, use our library of common manufacturing, office, and graybox assets to plan your space.

Design your space:

  • Place your custom or our inbox assets into your space.
  • Resize, rotate, move, duplicate, or delete assets as necessary.
  • Save your layout.
  • Reload layouts and realign layout to your room if necessary.

Review with stakeholders:

  • Use Cortana to take a picture or create a video.
  • On HoloLens, use Microsoft Remote Assist to stream what the HoloLens user is seeing.
  • In Windows Mixed Reality, use VR Screen Sharing to see what the VR user is seeing.

Export your design:

  • Export your space to a 3D glTF for viewing on a PC (in Windows Mixed Reality Viewer, for example).

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